We believe in the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and pledge to continue and grow an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and life experiences. The many perspectives of our current Trustees, Advisory Board members, and staff are highly valued for what they bring to the foundation’s practices, and we are conscious that we have more to do and more to learn as we look for ways to better engage diverse voices in all areas of TMU’s work.

Here are our ongoing commitments:

We strive to eliminate unfair discrimination in all its forms in our organization and programs. In that spirit, when recruiting and selecting trustees, staff, and advisors, we will consider candidates from a broad pool of qualified applicants with varied experiences and backgrounds, including those from outside of familiar networks. In addition, we will regularly examine our systems, codes of conduct, practices, and policies to identify and address unintended barriers. In our work with Native and Indigenous grantees and philanthropic partners, we commit to uphold, incorporate, and value the principles of free, prior, and informed consent as stated in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
We will encourage organizations we support to address justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within their organizational practices. TMU works in many diverse geographies and cultures, and we seek to understand the distinctive and varied ways in which attention to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion can combat isolation and open opportunity.