Jonathan Slaght in Conversation with David Gordon

Russian Far East. Photo by Jon Slaght. From the April 2018 edition of Grantee Voices David Gordon: Jon, thank you for taking the time to share your great knowledge and experience with the TMU community. For starters, why don’t you introduce yourself? Tell us who you are. Jonthan Slaght: Sure! My name is Jonathan Slaght. I’m a US-based wildlife biologist. I work for a group called the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which is based in

András Török in Conversation with Barnabás Bencsik

From an interview conducted November 29, 2017 at Glassyard Gallery, Budapest András Török: I am sitting in the brand new Glassyard Gallery in Budapest with Barnabás Bencsik, who is the curator and co-owner of the gallery, launched at the end of September 2017. Barnabás, you are a well-known curator—you have had a long career. I’m interested in the international aspects of your career. Actually, have there been aspects other than international ones? Glassyard Gallery Barnabás

How a group of Mongolian herders took on a mining giant — and won

How a group of Mongolian herders took on a mining giant — and won
Original article published by Devex By Sophie Edwards Camel herders in Mongolia. Photo by: Alan Fieldus / CC BY-NC WASHINGTON — Tending camels in the Gobi desert — moving them to fresh grazing pastures in the spring and summer, and to shelter in the winter — has been a way of life for families in Mongolia for thousands of years. But cycles of freezing winters and dry summers — a natural phenomenon which the herders