4 Jan 2017

Moving Away From Agricultural Burning in Ukraine

by Dr. Gail Stevenson Meeting with the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI) organized a study tour for six Ukrainian farmers and experts to the United States in October to explore alternatives to open burning with the support of TMU. The group visited university agricultural research stations and numerous farms in Pennsylvania through an excellent collaboration with the Pennsylvania State College of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania No-Till Alliance, after which the

11 Aug 2016

Central Europe Looks Beyond Coal

Central Europe Looks Beyond Coal Kristina Sabova   Alternative energy production and new conservation tools are raising hope in Central Europe. Our region includes communities near the former “Black Triangle,” the border region shared by Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, that has long suffered from the polluting emissions of industry, coal-fired power plants, and open pit mines. The European Union is working on its future climate and energy scenarios, to bring clean and affordable