29 May 2014

Polar bear diplomacy: Where the US and Russia can agree

The movements of a musk oxen herd are captured here on Wrangel Island, Russia, in March 2014. (Joel Berger) On an arctic island 250 miles from the nearest Siberian village, US and Russian scientists are collaborating on wildlife research. Their work proves: Conservation transcends geopolitics. By Joel Berger, Op-ed contributor / May 21, 2014 Wrangel Island, Russia The icy wind is wicked. It’s about minus 10 degrees, and near whiteout conditions dominate this landscape of

Four Guitar Suites: From Early to Contemporary

April 10, 4:30 pm Trust for Mutual Understanding Join us for an evening with Hungarian guitarist Attila Szabó, performing solo suites from four centuries on the classical guitar. A musical bridge from early to contemporary: suites by great classics like Robert de Visee and Johann Sebastian Bach, followed by two modern guitar suites by Miklós Kocsár and Attila Szabó. The suite, originating from the 17th century, became a very popular musical form of instrumental music.

Saving More Than Just Snow Leopards

NEW YORK TIMES By PETER ZAHLER and GEORGE SCHALLER FEB. 1, 2014 THE cold and rugged mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China seem an unlikely place to find a flourishing combination of new community institutions and international diplomacy. Few people live there. Those who do are mostly desperately impoverished livestock herders. They have been largely isolated from the rest of humanity on these enormous mountains where the Indian subcontinent once crashed into Asia, buckling

Pacific Environment’s Top 10

Pacific Environment is a small organization that packs a powerful punch. Together, we protect some of the most endangered wildlife and last wild places around the Pacific Rim. As 2013 draws to a close, I’d like to share my personal “top 10” efforts and achievements I’m proudest of—and that you helped make happen. We Fought Big Oil and Big Coal 1. Federal financing for most coal projects abroad is finally over. For more than 10 years,

Likhachev Foundation: Cultural Fellowships in Russia

The Likhachev Foundation, together with Committee on External Relations of Saint Petersburg and B. Yeltsin Presidential Center, announces competition for 2-week cultural fellowships in St. Petersburg, Russia, from May 12–25, 2014, for American and European professionals in the field of arts and culture who work on projects related to Russian culture. Airfare and accommodation in St. Petersburg will be covered by the organizers. The Likhachev Foundation will accept applications from professionals in the field of culture and history or

Young Visual Artists Awardees

Foundation for a Civil Society New York, NY  The Foundation for a Civil Society was established in 1990 with a mission to foster free and pluralistic societies in countries emerging from a history of political authoritarianism, social oppression, and civil strife. What has become its flagship program, the Young Visual Artists Awards, was created during FCS’s first year, in collaboration with former Czech President Vaclav Havel and a dedicated group of Czech artists. Now in

Bulgarian Fiction NYghts

иOpen Letter Books & The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation present: BULGARIAN FICTION NYGHTS with two new books, their authors and a translator ANGEL IGOV'S A Short Tale of Shame ZACHARY KARABASHLIEV'S 18% Gray ANGELA RODEL, TRANSLATOR Reading Group Wednesday, April 24, 7PM Bulgarian Consulate (121 E 62nd St, New York, NY 10065) Read more. ----------------------- Book Party Thursday, April 25, 7PM 192 Books 192 Tenth Avenue at 21st Street New York, NY 10011) Read more. READ ABOUT THE

“Hands-on” Performance with Teatr Figur

This past November, Tricklock Theatre Company received a grant from TMU to bring members of Teatr Figur Krakow (TFK), a contemporary puppet theater based in Krakow, Poland, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to perform at Tricklock’s 13th Annual Revolutions International Theatre Festival. In addition to the festival, TFK traveled out of the city to meet with Native American communities to share their techniques and see a performance by Native American children. To get a sense of

Readied for a New Life in the Wild

By Dale Miquelle, Wildlife Conservation Society Last fall, in the frigid, snowy forests of the Russian Far East, three wild tiger cubs lost their most important ally: their mother. Our story began on Nov. 29 with a phone call to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) office in Vladivostok from Vladimir Vasiliev, the head of the regional wildlife department,Okhotnazor. He requested our assistance in capturing the four-month-old cubs, which had created a stir near a small