TMU Online Application

TMU reviews applications two times a year. To make the experience more user friendly, the application process is broken down into two parts: 1. Initial Inquiry stage and 2. Full Application. The deadlines are as follows:

Initial inquiry: May 1
Full Application: August 1
Notification: mid-November

This round is for projects happening January 1 or later.

Initial Inquiry: November 1
Full Application: February 1
Notification: mid-May

This round is for projects happening July 1 or later.


Please note that Initial Inquiries and Full Applications are due at 5:00pm, EST. Supporting materials for the Full Application should be received no more than two weeks following the respective deadline. When submitting a letter of recommendation, please clearly indicate the organization that is applying. We do not guarantee a notification of receipt of any supporting materials or letters. Grant tracking and/or application ID numbers are for grantee reference only and cannot be used for our purposes.

Please contact us if any questions arise during this process.

Click here to begin the TMU Initial Inquiry.

Click here if you have an application or inquiry in process.

*The online application system works best with Internet Explorer. Other browsers may not work as expected.