“Hands-on” Performance with Teatr Figur

This past November, Tricklock Theatre Company received a grant from TMU to bring members of Teatr Figur Krakow (TFK), a contemporary puppet theater based in Krakow, Poland, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to perform at Tricklock’s 13th Annual Revolutions International Theatre Festival. In addition to the festival, TFK traveled out of the city to meet with Native American communities to share their techniques and see a performance by Native American children. To get a sense of

Readied for a New Life in the Wild

By Dale Miquelle, Wildlife Conservation Society Last fall, in the frigid, snowy forests of the Russian Far East, three wild tiger cubs lost their most important ally: their mother. Our story began on Nov. 29 with a phone call to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) office in Vladivostok from Vladimir Vasiliev, the head of the regional wildlife department,Okhotnazor. He requested our assistance in capturing the four-month-old cubs, which had created a stir near a small

Day of Museum Solidarity

On October 4, 2012, the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina closed its doors after 124 years due to a lack of funding. As of today, six other institutions including the National Art Gallery and the National and University Library are in danger of coming to the same end putting international organizations on high alert. To combat this snowballing trend, Dr. Azra Aksamija is planning a “Day of Museum Solidarity,” calling on all cultural institutions to protest