Queer New York International Arts Festival

Queer New York International Arts Festival June 7–15, 2012 New York, NY, May 10, 2012 – Queer New York International Arts Festival (QNYI) is a new festival of contemporary performance and visual art that explores and broadens the concept of “queer (in) art.” Co-curated by Zvonimir Dobrović, artistic director of Queer Zagreb and the Perforations Festival in Croatia, and art historian and curator André von Ah, the festival aims to dispel preconceived and stereotyped notions

TEDx Talk: “The Many Gods of Planet Earth”

In The Many Gods of Planet Earth, Betsy Gaines Quammen, the founder and president of The Tributary Fund, examines connections between religions, cultures and environmental ethics. In order to further conservation, Gaines Quammen attests, we must understand the beliefs of communities that have a direct impact on threatened wildlife, in order to encourage empathy and bestow responsibility. Betsy founded The Tributary Fund after visiting the Eg-Uur watershed and Dayan Derkh Monastery ruins in 2002 and falling