UNSOUND FESTIVAL NEW YORK is dedicated to bringing quality artists from around the world and needs your help to start a new program: UNSOUND LABS. The kick starter funds will go to help put on the free LABS collaboration shows during the festival (weekend afternoons at ISSUE Project Room), as well as all the talks, screenings, etc. that happen during the festival at various locations. The funds will be directed toward artists and production of LABS events themselves.


UNSOUND FESTIVAL NEW YORK will return this year in April for its third
edition since beginning in the city in 2010. Devoted to advanced forms
of music and ideas that circulate around them, the festival is created
through unique collaborations between local and international
curators, event organizers, and venues in New York and Krakow, Poland,
where UNSOUND has its headquarters.

In 2012, we are working to expand a special program called UNSOUND LABS, both within the context of the festival and with further related events to be presented throughout the city during the course of the year.

During UNSOUND FESTIVAL NEW YORK 2012, we will be presenting
special LABS collaborations between musicians of different kinds, with a special focus on artists from New York, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. Concerts presented under the banner of LABS will be free and open to all. We will also be recording all UNSOUND LABS concerts for distribution via a free digital compilation to be available for download after the festival.

Likewise, all talks, presentations, and tours presented as part of LABS will be free and open to all. That has always been the case in the past, and it is important to us to continue in a similarly accessible vein. Your support will allow us to help cover LABS-related costs not supported directly by the cultural institutes we work with to make the festival come together as a whole. It will allow us to continue to present new and interesting work and ideas as part of LABS—and keep things free.

It will also help us continue to expand UNSOUND LABS into a program
active throughout the entire year. In addition to presentations during
the festival in April, we have already continued with a series of
one-off talks and presentations, including past events with Animal
Collective, Simon Reynolds, Kyle Gann on John Cage, Hillel Schwartz,
and a panel discussion on “non-cochlear sound art.” We are working to
expand this aspect of UNSOUND LABS in 2012 and beyond, to include more
one-off talks and presentations, as well as special musical-performative offerings throughout the year.

Become a part of UNSOUND and UNSOUND LABS in this unique way, and help us in our drive to make our work serve as a tool for creation and cross-border connections, a positive form of globalization in the 21st century.


In its two editions past, UNSOUND FESTIVAL NEW YORK has established a
unique presence on the city’s cultural landscape, with enterprising programs of concerts, club nights, live film-music projects, panel discussions, talks, electronic-music workshops, and more. Along with known and emerging artists from the U.S. and Western Europe, we have also brought to New York talented artists from points more unknown, particularly Eastern Europe. Many of these artists might never be able to travel to New York otherwise, and certainly not to perform at an international project of this kind.

For the festival, we have presented a number of special UNSOUND-commissioned works. Some were developed in Krakow, such as the large-scale musical piece “SOLARIS,” bringing together Ben Frost, Daniel Bjarnason, Brian Eno, and Krakow’s Sinfonietta Cracovia. Others have been engineered in New York, most notably an assemblage of experimental musical collaborations, presentations, talks, tours, and workshops gathered under the banner of UNSOUND LABS. Programs for LABS events have worked to connect artists and engage audiences in a variety of different ways.

UNSOUND LABS has served as the catalyst for exploratory experimental
concerts and curated collaborations between established and emerging
artists, including Günter Müller, Lizzi Bougatsos, Taylor Deupree, Aki
Onda, Anna Zaradny, Z’ev, and The Skull Defekts feat. Daniel Higgs,
and many others.

Likewise, LABS-related talks and presentations have covered subjects including the history of the Vocoder, the development of disco, the evolution of early electronic music in the 1950s, the nature of noise, and more—drawn from the insights of writers, thinkers, and artists including Simon Reynolds, Morton Subotnick, Dave Tompkins, Stephen Vitiello, Marcus Schmickler, Kabir Carter, Vladislav Delay, and numerous others.

Tours of sites in New York so far have included composer La Monte Young’s Dream House and the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center.