hotINK at the LARK will present readings of new plays by ten dramatists  from outside the United States. Each day includes staged readings during the afternoon and evening, featuring the work of distinguished New York actors and directors, and followed by meet-the-writers events. All events are free, but require a reservation. Reservations will be available after March 1st online at Waiting lists for all events will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Capacity is limited.

The 2012 playwrights hail from Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Scotland, and Singapore. The selected plays are: Credit by Michael Mackenzie, Colonel Pilate by Aleksey Scherbak, DNA by Giorgos Neophytou, Grace and Elizabeth by Jessica Cooke, In Spitting Distance by Taher Najib, strangers, babies by Linda McLean, The Eyes of Others by Ivan Dimitrov, The Medea Effect by Suzie Bastien, The Shape of a Bird by Jean Tay, and Thanksgiving Day by Nikolai Khalezin.

The participation of the following writers is made possible through a grant from CEC ArtsLink/Trust for Mutual Understanding:

March 24, 7:30pm

The Eyes of Others by Ivan Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
Translated by Angela Rodel

Two ordinary men discover, through their everyday routines  and the people they meet, the true nature of their friendship and the need, deep in each of them, to be seen by others.


March 25, 3pm

Thanksgiving Day, by Nikolai Khalezin (Belarus)
Translated by Yuri Kaliada and Rory Mallarkey

A Belarusian immigrant in the U.S., caring for an elderly American man, learns, through their relationship, what he wants and where he truly belongs.


March 26, 7:30pm

Colonel Pilate, by Aleksey Scherbak (Latvia)
Translated by John J. Hanlon

A morality tale for every era, and every foreign occupation: a Russian officer in Afghanistan, uncomfortable with the role of occupier and skeptical of his troops’ distrust of locals,  is dubbed “Colonel Pilate” by his subordinates and held accountable for his humanist inclinations.


Thursday – Monday, March 22 – 26, with readings at 3pm and 7:30pm daily

Lark Lark Play Development Center’s BareBones® Studio at 311 West 43rd Street, Fifth Floor

Through hotINK, the Lark seeks to expand its community by reaching out to playwrights on every continent, bringing them together to meet and engage with New York theater makers, and to encourage opportunities for further exploration and production.