2011 CEC ArtsLink Fellows

Take a look at the work CEC fellows have been doing on the CEC ArtsLink blog! The ArtsLink Residencies program offers artists and arts managers from Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus a five-week residency at an established non-profit arts organization in the US. Host organizations are selected by CEC staff from an application process open to US non-profit organizations in all fifty US

Kres Šwiata: The End of the World

The End of the World (Kres Šwiata) Directed By: Mateusz Skalski 2010 | 9 min Poland Saturday, November 12: 8:00 pm People Center - National Museum of Natural History U.S. Premiere Only a handful of elders remain in a remote Polish village, where they fill the hours waiting for the bread truck to arrive. For tickets, click

Siberian Adventures on Lake Baikal

What do you pack when you are leaving for Siberia?  In my case I went on a few stories told by intrepid travelers, what I had read from Ian Frazier's amazing recollections in the New Yorker years back, and my instincts.  I dusted off my old “backpacking Europe” bag from my teenaged years and stuffed it with the following necessaries: waterproofed pants, hiking & fishing boots, a bug hat designed for beekeepers and swamp hunters,