Russian Drama, a Birthday, a Parade and 100 Surprises at Towson University

I had every reason to believe I knew what I was in for when I arrived from Moscow with Russian playwright Olga Mukhina at BWI airport on December 1. You see, I am the Russia Director for New Russian Drama: Voices in a Shifting Age, a project developed by Philip Arnoult’s Center for International Theatre Development and the Towson University Department of Theatre Arts in order to introduce the American theater community to the riches of contemporary Russian drama.

Unsound Festival, Krakow

Established in 2003, the Unsound Festival has quickly become one of the most adventurous and risk-taking music events in Poland. The most recent festival occurred this past October and included a showcase of the eclectic record label Bedroom Community, the Bass Mutations event featuring some of the most respected names in dubstep, and the Experimental Tendencies evening, featuring American independent artist Grouper and a German-Polish collaboration called Solid State Transmitters. TMU supported American participation in the festival.